Hello and welcome to my little online world!

I'm Althea de las Estrellas
but you may also know me as Allie Stars.

Mediterranean Kabbalist Witch.

Venusian Aquarius Vegetarian.

Entrepreneur + Artist + Writer + Designer + High Priestess

I'm here to help witchy women learn to love & accept them-selves + their gifts.

Here you'll find links & info to all of my current projects!


Ms. Althea's World

Hello! I'm Althea de las Estrellas but you may also know me as Allie Stars. I am & do lots of things but mainly I'm an Artist, Entrepreneur, Writer, Designer & High Priestess. I'm also a Web + Graphic Designer, Online Marketing & Branding Expert with 7+ years experience. I help both indi- viduals & collectives put together polished, professional websites, products, ads & aesthetics that represent & market their brand + their services in the best. most authentic light.

I'm a natural entrepreneur & have started various brands + businesses since I was a young child.

There's links to my main current projects in the home page.

Another side of me is that I am a Spiritual Advisor.

I'm a Psychic, Medium, Kabbalist Witch & have been both a student & practicioner of The Craft since I was 14. I have studied many different traditions + religions as well as meta- physics & have developed my own way of approaching and making magic. For me it is a spiritual practice & lifestyle. I help all kinds of people with a wide variety of issues but my main focus is other witchy women. I help them learn to love & accept themselves & their gifts. So they uncover + develop their own spirituality + magic in a way that both works for them AND empowers them to create the life they've always dreamed of by using & sharing their gifts as they were always meant to.

To learn more about me:

Allie Stars is my self-created witchy cartoon alter ego.

I've always loved animation, cartoons, anime & comic books. Since I also love to draw I've wanted my own since I was a little girl. I've been drawing myself & my Barbie dolls since I was in grade school, I've just gotten better with time. Allie Stars is the result of mixing all my fave things together as a cartoon, super-heroine-type version of myself.

When came out of the Witchy Closet in order to begin to ful- fill my calling to inspire, empower & educate #ModernWitches Allie Stars became my vehicle to do so. I've been using her as a fun part of my image to get my message out there ever since.

The Universe gave me her as a character many, many years before I knew I was to eventually become her!

Are you a Witch?
or maybe
you always thought you may be one?

  • Why you can make up your own rules.
  • How to find Peace & Balance in your life.
  • Who will bring out the witch in you.
  • How real witches live a "Charmed Life".
  • The Witchcraft and Feminism connection.
  • Staying witchy in a non-witchy world.
  • The source of every witch's power.

Adventures in Manifesting: Love and Oneness' features some truly inspiring authors ,from all walks and life and levels of "success" who have each contributed one of the 32 chapters about aligning with the power of love. Giving you the inspiration, tools and launching ground for you to do the same in your life in each chapter.

This beautiful book dives deeply into the human spirit encouraging you to uncover your own unique beauty and potential. No matter whether you wish to attract your soul mate, find inner peace and harmony or embrace the ever ncreasing desire many people are expressing to be closer to the wider consciousness - each of the personal stories will inspire and guide you on your own journey. You'll also discover how to feel blissfully comfortable in your own skin, release the pain of past relationships, and seek your own happily ever after from within.

'Love and Oneness' will also help you to feel blissfully comfortable in your own body, aid in releasing pain of past relationships and seek greater happiness from within, proving that with love – anything is possible.

My chapter is titled: "True Love Grows from Within" and esentially is about how loving your Life and other begins with Loving Yourself, my journey to realizing that and How you can start to Love yourself and your Life. Read an excerpt from my chapter here.

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